Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Type 2 diabetes treatment and cure – In this article we show you how to treat diabetes the NATURAL way so that you can get rid of this dangerous health problem. 

A man called Keith Dawson who was identified as having type 2 diabetes (which is usually caused by a bad lifestyle and a bad diet) – has actually turned around the life-long condition in only ten weeks.

Keith was obese, constantly feeling very tired and he was also having to take medication for the diabetes problem. Keith used a combination of exercise and diet to help reduce his body fat and reverse the health problem.

Keith is typical of people who have had two diabetes mellitus, and who and are proof, that you can reverse diabetes to the point where it is no longer part of your life. Checkout what Keith has to say in the video below.


Type Two Diabetes Health Problems.

Type 2 diabetes can be a potentially lifelong serious health problem that can drastically lower your life expectancy. It now affects millions of people around the world, this why it is important to get type 2 diabetes treatment immediately.


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The Manchester entrepreneur managed to reverse his diabetes in only 10 weeks with help from a personal physical fitness instructor that ensured that he stayed focused and motivated.

Can You Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

As a result of this big health improvement, Keith has lost a lot of weight and is now sleeping much better. Prior to the change in his well-being he was only getting about 5 hours sleep at nights, he says that he is now getting a solid 8 hours.

He was getting pains as well as other discomforting aches and feels that when you are obese your body seems to behave in a different way.

He now feels that he will definitely be getting more out of life and once you change your mindset about your health and lifestyle, and start doing something positive to make them better, you will reap the rewards quite quickly.

Diabetes And Your Mindset.

Keith says that if you have the right frame of mind you will stick to it. It’s all about re-educating your self and being pro-active.

He was eating lots of takeaways and also regularly dining out in restaurants prior to starting his healthy eating regime.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes.

If type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is not managed properly, it can lead to serious health problems such as vision problems and loss of vision, kidney failure, limb amputation, a stroke, and other serious health problems.

Keith has lowered his blood sugar level level and is currently off medication.

Keith use to have the mindset that said ‘I’ll do something about it tomorrow’. He soon realised that if he was to carry on with that mindset and mentality his life was going to get worse.

When he had diabetes -his blood glucose levels were around 11.6 which is very high.

Best Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Best Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Controlling Type Two Diabetes Mellitus.

After a number of weeks of being on the program, he came
off the tablets, and his blood sugar level has constantly been below six each time he has been for his blood sugar test and he is now in remission from the disease.

He stated there is currently no demand for the tablets any more, he knows that he can keep his blood sugar levels in check by continuing with his exercises and by being more careful with the types of food and drink that he consumes.

Keith says because he’s looking after his body better, he’s reduced his body fat and has lost weight, and as a benefit of this, he now feels much fitter and more energised than he’s felt in the last twenty years.

Diabetes And Doctors.

Keith stated his doctor was extremely amazed by the outcomes.

The last time he weighed himself he was 38-39 lbs lighter. His body fat had actually dropped fairly substantially and also his blood glucose level had lowered significantly.

He told his doctor that he would now stop taking the tablets, and if he was honest, he didn’t want to be on tablets. The problem is with most doctors, they tell you that ‘if you do not do continue to take the tablets and medications, your lifespan is most likely going to be shorter.

Diabetes And Scientific Research.

Scientists carried out research on 238 clients, discovered that limiting type amount of carbs, sugar, and fat, you can make massive improvements to your health and reverse type 2 diabetes.

The scientists who carried out the studies on 238 patients found that when they concentrated on restricting carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats, this led to great improvements. The observations were made by a professor Sarah Hallberg and her team from the Indiana University, similar results have been documented in other trials worldwide. She said that it was the first time that these types of drastic changes have been seen outside of people who had had weight loss surgery and it is the first time that they have observed these types of drastic changes in so many people at the same time.

About half of the patients saw there diabetes problem reversed in as few as 10 weeks and they were able to stop taking diabetic medication. Due to the severity of their diabetes problem, 89% of those who took part in the study and were reliant on taking insulin, were able to reduce the amount of insulin, and/or stop taking insulin.

Professor Hallberg went on to say that this was not widely known that these types of results were possible and we were blown away by the results an we should seriously think about using these findings as a guideline for the treatment of type 2 diabetes because it has out performed other available treatments.

The study found that eating too much carbohydrates and sugars, more than often lead to insulin resistance and lead to a state which the call carbohydrate toxicity, or carbohydrate intolerance. Based on this prognosis, the team feels and believe that the advice given about treating type two diabetes, needs to be changed

Carbohydrates that convert into sugar in the body, is probably the biggest single factor that raises blood glucose levels, and leads to type 2 diabetes, and damages the body. If treated early, this type of diabetes can be reversed in most situations.

Eating the right food and drinking the right drinks can reverse diabetes symptoms in as soon as 10 weeks. You should start seeing results if you change your diet to a Mediterranean style diet which is low in carbohydrates, low in sugar, and low in saturated fats, your progress will be much faster if you introduce some physical exercises into your daily life.

This article about type 2 diabetes treatment proves that by going on a proper healthy diet program you could reverse type
2 diabetic issues in just 10 weeks.


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