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To determine whether an insulin pump is right for you, discuss it with your endocrinologist.

As of July 2012, a few popular insulin pumps are the Animas OneTouch Ping, Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Revel 723, and OmniPod.  There are other pumps available as well, you can always search online for options other than the ones listed here. 

It takes time to decide which pump is best for you and it can be overwhelming.  Here are some tips….

– Discuss it with your endocrinologist (I specifically say endocrinologist because they are the experts).

– Do as much research as possible, get a notebook & write down what you learn, talk with others that wear the pump you are researching.

– Make a list of questions and things that are important to you (remember all the pumps do the most important thing – deliver insulin, but features on each one may vary).  The Animas OneTouch Ping Pump is waterproof and has a color screen, the Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Revel offers an integrated CGM, and the OmniPod is tubeless.  Don’t you just wish there was one pump that had all those features?  =)

– Visit the pump companies website and get a free information packet mailed to you.

– Have the pump company check your insurance to see if it will be covered (having the pump company do this is better, they are the experts in dealing with insurance companies).

– Be patient.  Keep in mind your endocrinologist office may want you to take classes on pumping & the process is usually not instant.  Also, keep in mind that getting an insulin pump does not mean you don’t have to check your blood sugar.  It usually takes time to get the pump settings correct so you may need to check your blood sugar more than usual.  Even after the pump settings are good, you still need to check your blood sugar according to your doctor’s recommendations.  In our case, he actually checks his blood sugar more that he’s on the pump.

– Check out the pump companies policies.  Do they offer a loaner pump if going away on vacation and if they do, is it free?  What happens if your pump breaks?  Do they offer email customer service for non urgent issues?  What is their warranty policy?  If an updated pump is released after you get yours, do they offer an upgrade and if they do, how much will your out of pocket expense be?

Also, keep in mind the things that are important to you.  Choosing a pump is usually personal preference.  One thing to keep in mind is reservoir/cartridge size, while one of the pumps has the ability to put 300 units of insulin in it as opposed to 200 units, think if you would even use 300 units in a 2-3 day time span.  Most doctors/pump companies recommend site changes every 2-3 days and most also recommend to do the site change and the reservoir/cartridge change at the same time so you may not even use 300 units in the recommended time span.  However, you might use that much so keep that in mind to determine if that is important to you.

Another thing to keep in mind is what type of infusion set will work for you.  Most people have the regular soft cannula infusion sets or the all-in-one sets and they work fine for them but some people need the metal infusion sets (which are only offered by Medtronic and Animas).  Sometimes people that are lean or children need to use the metal sets because they get a lot of kinks with the regular soft cannula sets.  Kinks can lead to high blood sugars.  To prevent kinks all together, some doctors recommend the metal sets and some do not.  A common misconception is that metal sets are hard to insert because its a manual insertion or it hurts while its in.  The manual insertion feels like a pen needle or syringe to most people.  And if inserted properly, the person wearing it should not be able to feel the metal set while wearing it.  Remember that just because a metal set can not kink does not mean that its occlusion-proof.  All infusion sets are at risk for occlusions but it is rare to happen.  

If the pump is for a young child, make sure to check out locking features to prevent accidental insulin dosing.  Some people even buy an tamper-resistant case for the insulin pump pack and put a lock on it if the pump is for a child. Click here to see an example of the tamper-resistant case for the Animas OneTouch Ping.  There is a piece of plexiglass in the case to prevent accidental button pressing (not sure why it doesn’t state that on their website).

Click on the insulin pump name below to go directly to their website.  This list is for the most current insulin pumps available in the US.

Things change often, the chart below reflects as accurate and up-to-date information as possible.  If you notice an error, please click the Contact link above.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and what is important to one person, may not be important to another.  Get an insulin pump that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.  Choosing an insulin pump is a personal preference. 

Always use the recommended battery per the manufacturer to power your pump.


 Pump Animas OneTouch Ping  Medtronic Paradigm Revel 723  Omnipod
 Reservoir/Cartridge  Size  200u  300u  200u
 Colors  black, blue, green,  pink, silver  clear, pink, purple, smoke, blue,  customize  white/clear
 Basal Increment  0.025 U/hr  0.025 U/hr  .05 U/hr
 Basal Programs  4  3  7
 Temp Basal  off, -90% to +200%  off, -90% to +200%  0% to +200%
 Largest Bolus Size  35u  25u  30u
 Bolus Type  Normal, EZ BG, EZ  Carb,  Combo, Audio  Normal, Square, Dual Wave, Bolus  Wizard  Normal, Extended
 Color Screen  Yes on pump  No  Yes on PDM
 Pump Battery   1 AA lithium, option to  use alkaline  1 AAA alkaline   2 AAA alkaline (PDM)
 Memory  270 basals, 500 boluses,  120 daily totals, 60  primes, 60 alarms, 900  bg readings  36 alarm records, 24 bolus records, 10  event records, 32 total daily insulin  records, 20 reservoir & set records, user  setting history
 Last 500 boluses, primes, & daily  totals. Last 100 alarms
 Software  Diasend  Carelink  Co-pilot
 Warranty by  manufacturer  4 years  4 years  4 years
 Loaner Pump (for  travel etc)  No Charge (may get  older model)  $50 (may get older model)  Loaner PDM
 In Warranty  Upgrade*  $99** $399***  
 Tracks Active  Insulin  Yes  Yes  Yes (only BG corrections)
 Blood Glucose  Meter / Test Strips  OneTouch Ping Meter  Remote / OneTouch  Ultra test strips  OneTouch Ultralink / OneTouch Ultra  test strips  PDM / Freestyle test strips
 Water  Waterproof, 12ft for  24hrs (pump only)  Splash Resistant  Waterproof, 25ft for 60min (pod  only)
 Integrated CGM  No  Yes  No
 Tubeless  No  No  Yes
 User Guide  Click here  Click here  Click here
 Airport Security No x-ray or full body scanner, hand wand & metal detector ok     Click here No x-ray or full body scanner, hand wand & metal detector ok

Click here

Pods and PDMs can go through airport x-ray machines (call Omnipod to check about it going through a full body scanner)

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 Request more info  Click here  Click here  Click here
 Check insurance    coverage  Click here
Pods and PDMs can safely pass through airport X-ray 
Pods and PDMs can safely pass through airport X-ray 

*Usually insurance will not pay for an upgrade if you are still within your 4 year warranty period, customer usually has the option for a cash upgrade.

**$99 Upgrade to Animas Vibe if released in the US by 12/31/2012

***$799 up front – $400 rebate when old pump received back to Medtronic


 A1C Calculator ~ https://www.accu-chek.com/us/glucose-monitoring/a1c-calculator.html#