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When using these formulas, keep in mind that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. 
Talk to your Endocrinologist and/or CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator)
before using these formulas.  Always keep active insulin in mind as well,
USUALLY rapid acting insulin lasts 3-5 hours but again everyone is
different so talk to you Endocrinologist and/or CDE first.  Even with theseformulas, it is not an exact science and there are many variables like sickness, exercise, etc.  Talk to your Endocrinologist and/or CDE and have
back-up plans in place (sick day plan, exercise plan, back-up insulin
pump plan, etc.).  These formulas may work for Type 1’s on MDI (MultipleDaily Injections) or on an Insulin Pump.
– The formula to determine Carb Bolus Calculation: # of carbs / I:C = units of bolus insulin. If I:C (insulin to carb ratio) is unknown, your Endo or
CDE can help to determine that. _____________________________________________________________________________
– The formula to determine BG Correction: Current BG – Target BG / ISF =
units of insulin to lower BG to target. If ISF (insulin sensitivity factor) is
unknown, your Endo or CDE can help to determine that. When using this
formula, many people aim for the middle of their target. _____________________________________________________________________________
– The formula to determine a Negative Correction (when BG is lower thantarget): Current BG – Target BG = ____ (this will be a negative number, -X).-X / ISF = ____ (this will be a negative number, -Y). Subtract -Y from the
carb bolus to get the bolus total OR sometimes, it may be easier to treat
the low BG with fast acting carbs first. Many people use the Rule of 15,
then take the usual carb bolus for the meal and do not add the carbs usedto the the low. _____________________________________________________________________________
Have you ever wondered what to do with empty test strips bottles? Here
are some ideas.  Rinsing the bottle out first is recommended.  Thank-you
to everyone that submitted ideas.

– Store change

– Make reindeer ornaments – Storage for seeds

– Kids can decorate it and use as a case to put lost teeth in for tooth fairy

– Make a wind chime 

– Use as a sharps container

– Use for camping to store shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, laundry
detergent, or spices for grilling

– Storage for beads or small jewelery

– Storage for paints – Store candies 

– Store used test strips in to throw away

– Fill with rice or beans to make noise makers

– Store fishing supplies (hooks & sinkers)

– Store screws, nails, picture hangers
Celebrities/Athletes who have Type 1 Diabetes

Bret Michaels
Crystal Bowersox
Elliott Yamin
Nick Jonas
Mary Tyler Moore
Jean Smart
Dorian Gregory
Anne Rice
Damon Dash
Sonia Sotomayor
Gary Hall Jr
Adam Morrison
Victor Garber
Sharon Stone
Jay Cutler
Sean Busby
Bobby Clarke
Chris Dudley
Dana Hill
Elizabeth Perkins
Steve Redgrave
Jim Turner
Jeremy Irvine
Scott Verplank
Kelli Kuehne
Common Acronyms used in the DOC
A1C – Glycated Hemoglobin

BG – Blood Glucose BS – Blood Sugar

CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitor

DKA – Diabetic Ketoacidosis

DOC – Diabetes Online Community

GI – Glycemic Index

I:C – Insulin to Carb Ratio

IMO – In My Opinion

IOB – Insulin on Board

ISF – Insulin Sensitivity Factor

MDI – Multiple Daily Injections

MM – Minimed

SWAG – Scientific Wild A** Guess

T1 – Type 1 T1D – Type 1 Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetic

T1DA – Type 1 Diabetes Awareness

TDD – Total Daily Dose

YDMW – Your Diabetes May Vary

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary
Here are the steps to upload and print reports for the Animas OneTouch Animas Ping Insulin Pump (since ezManager Max is not compatible with Windows 7).

You will need the donegal cable (if you do not have this contact your
Animas rep or contact customer service).  You will also need to register
After you have those things, go to – your user
name is the email address you registered with and enter your password.

Then click the Tools tab at the top and download the Diasend Uploader,
make sure to select the appropriate download depending if you have
Windows or Mac. Saying yes to create an icon on the desktop is a good

After uploading the pump, to print reports, click on the desired tab then
in the top right corner click the PDF box. Then click create report at the
bottom and print.

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